Ultimate Sharky Dental Stick


We've found the Fish Dental Stick to rule them all! 

Made from Australian Shark Skin, they are great for chewing that goes on and on. Our German Shepherds can't get enough of these.

What we love most about this, is they are made with the same catch that your fish and chips shop might use for you lunchtime F&P. The skin is then used to make these treats, so nothing goes to waste. Awesome!

The smell is sometimes a little on the strong side, so you might want to feed it outside if you don't like the fishy-ness of them. 

These are packed with nutrients , such as omega 3 fatty acids for joint and skin health, calcium for strong and healthy bones and protein for that wonderful lean muscle. 

Why we think Shark products are awesome

  • They contain omega fatty acids, known to soothe inflammation
  • They are high in calcium
  • High protein treats

Always supervise your dog while providing treats.