Roo Tail


Roo Tails, classic treat for every pup

Kangaroo tails are super popular and are perfect for medium and larger sized dogs. They are a longer lasting dog treat, good for woofers that need some me time. 

Kangaroo tails will also make great dental chews.

Warning that these do crumble off a lot, although we doubt that your pup will leave much of a trace behind. 

100% Australian kangaroo. Nothing else.

Kangaroo is a versatile and great treat option, and here are some reasons 

  • Considered one of the leanest red meats, its a great addition to a woofer who may be on a weight control plan.
  • These also double as a fabulous dental health aid to keep those pearly whites looking fresh.
  • Kangaroo is very low in fat and high in protein, zinc and Omega 3.

Always supervise your dog while providing treats.